The Nobis Foundation Youth Volunteer Programs

As a part of its ongoing commitment to humanitarian efforts, The Nobis Foundation – an organization based in Miami and headed by Isidro Romero Noboa and Antonella Romero – coordinates annual youth volunteer programs in Ecuador.

On a recent trip, 23 young volunteers from Miami traveled to Ecuador and spent a week with children of the Santa María Eufrasia school, located in the Isla Trinitaria neighborhood and as part of the social work of Fundación Karios, led by Father Simon Mahish.

The purpose of the trip was to help improve the education of Ecuadorian children as well as the well-being of families living in poor and vulnerable circumstances. Once the volunteers return to the U.S., the bonds created will help them raise awareness about social issues faced in Ecuador.

Casa Hogar

In addition to volunteer work, The Nobis Foundation has also made donations to Casa Hogar, an orphanage for girls without legal guardians and girls placed there as a result of domestic violence or neglect. The goal remains the same – to help educate and raise awareness.


A Visit to Universal Sweet Industries

During the program, volunteers and children from the orphanage visited Universal Sweet Industries (USI), a candy factory located in the center of the city. The visit provided an opportunity for the group to learn more about the importance of work and industry as a means to reach one’s personal goals. The trip enabled students to learn about a century-old industry, something quite typical in Guayaquil.

A surprise from Guayaquil Barcelona Sporting Club

Thanks to the management of Mr. Isidro Romero, President of The Nobis Foundation, two Barcelona Sporting Club players surprised the group and spent the day with both volunteers and children alike. Famous football players Máximo Banguera and Gerson Cedeño spent some time with the children, inspiring them with a message of self-improvement and personal growth.

Mundo San Rafael

At the culmination of the volunteer trip to the Santa María Eufrasia school, The Nobis Foundation sponsored a cultural day where volunteers spent the day exploring the attractions of Mundo San Rafael.

Three Generations of Family

The youth volunteer program is particularly important to the co-founder of The Nobis Foundation, Antonella Romero, as three generations of family are now able to continue their mission of spreading social responsibility: “It’s never too late to teach our children the importance of performing community service,” she says.

The program was made possible in collaboration with Fundación Manos del Sur, also based in Miami, which carries out this trip every year in other countries of Central America. Mrs. Paulina Montes, Director of Fundación Manos del Sur, expressed her gratitude for the support and logistics offered by Ecuador’s Fundacion Nobis, which allowed a successful journey and will open the doors for other youth volunteers to join the program in 2016.


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